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What do we mean by "carefully curated" products?

At Divine Salon, we don't take any part of your experience for granted, both while you're here with us, and at home, where you need the right tools to help you look as great as the day you walked out of the salon. That's why we leave no stone unturned when it comes to picking the very best professional products available to create your look, and providing you with the at-home care you need to keep looking incredible. 

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We are the second salon in Minnesota to start caring this amazing new line!!!



All products are made with the philosophy Nature + Science and only promote organic ingredients that are carefully selected and harvested from certified farms.

Each hair care line features organic ingredients, which is chosen based on performance characteristics to achieve the desired result.

Thoroughly researched and clinically tested, our exclusive Biomineral Technology uses natural mineral sources + botanical protein catalysts to deliver what's most important to your clients: Healthy manageable hair that is smooth, soft and strong, shines, and holds its color. Each of our Divine Professional Products contain a precise dosage of minerals and protein catalysts uniquely designed to achieve results you can see and feel. Of course, our all natural shampoos and conditioners are sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben, and gluten free!

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Divine Salon

Professional Products

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We are so excited about our new product line!!!


Why do we love it?

  • So many product options!

  • All Products are without sulfates, parabens, aluminum starch, phthalates + DEA

  • Never Tested on animals

  • Reducing waste + switching bottles to 90% PC

The name Amika means friend in the language Esperanto and is a symbol of our belief in the power of community and the beauty of diversity.

*If you think the packaging is cool, wait until you smell it!!


This line was created for anyone who has Wavy, curly or coiled-curly hair.  All of their products add an incredible amount of moisture and shine, and really does help your hair maintain its curl for much longer. That's why we were the first salon in the area to offer Deva Curl, and remain closely involved with

their education, philosophy

and, of course, their products.

Divine Salon is Deva Curl Certified, offering expert advice and services designed for all of those Divine Curls!


This trendy Luxury line is all the rave on the west coast- for good reason. Once we learned about the concept behind their line, we had to be the first in Minnesota to carry it! It is free from all the harsh chemicals that damage your hair. Their philosophy: "Rooted in common ground, truth and free spirit, our formulations are derived from a place of authenticity and innovation to create better-for-you products that instantly transform hair and magnify your natural glow."


Our Kids Line - Fairy Tales

Salon quality, natural, good-for-you ingredients with no harsh chemicals are the foundation of our brand. It is what we have always believed in and it is will always remain our core focus.

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Fueled by the knowledge and artistry from leading barbers, STMNT is a unique brand that goes beyond the product, this is a brand with purpose. A collective that respects people that have bold, authentic statements to make. People that stand up for what they believe in. This is a community that honors craftsmanship and strives to do better.

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We carry the number one flat iron in the industry, because of its ceramic plates that heat up to the optimal hair styling temperature without causing excess damage to the hair. Ceramic also heats up very quickly, and the ghd straighteners take only 30 seconds to be ready to use and it also shuts off after 30 minutes  so you will never have to worry about if you left your flat iron on!

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Divine Salon

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